8 Resolutions You Must Make This World Health Day

How often do we tend to ignore our health and let it take a back seat in our lives. We see you counting ample instances in your head which says that your health, your body needs attention. Not today, everyday. So today, at World’s Health Day, we’ve culled out a list of resolutions that everyone must take for a healthy and a happier self. Fret not, these are absolutely easy peasy measures. Scroll away the secret to health! 

1. Plan Your Everyday Snack Attacks

The more you try to keep the munching craving away, the more it will grow on you. So the key is not to avoid snack attacks but embrace them. Choose healthy snacking options like granola bars, cold pressed juices, almonds and the like. To avoid buying impulsive eats, keep a few of these in your bag (trust us, won’t even take much space) and this will keep those extra kilos away.

2. Drink More Water

Might come out as a cliche but well it really does wonders for your body. Drinking a glass of water every two hours is essential to keep your body hydrated and happy. It also increases your metabolism and give your skin a healthy and a natural glow.

3. Never Skip Or Delay Meals

Skipping your meals will only make you hungrier leading you to gorge on foods which are very unhealthy for your body. Not only this, delaying your meals will make you eat larger portions followed by extra kilos. So take a pledge to eat the 3 main meals and keep snacking on nutritional bits in moderation.

 4. Never Drink Your Calories

There are a gazillion drinks put there tempting you in their flavours, but you the fact remains that you should never drink your calories. Since the human body tends to absorb fluid calories way faster than the solid ones, try to head for water when thirsty for it will give as much energy as these drinks and no added pounds.

5. Meal Prep

Cooking takes a lot of time in cutting, chopping and the like, so ideally you should meal prep 3 days in advance. This measure will not only render extra time in your hands but also will schedule a healthier meal for you as compared to the impulsive unhealthy ones.

 6. Take Your Time

It actually takes a few minutes for the body to inform the brain that it has achieved enough food for its sustenance. Try chewing every bite for about 32 times and you will see the difference. This will make you eat lesser portions and feel fuller.

7. Squeeze Out Time For Exercise

Did you know that overall physical diet is affected 80% by your diet and 20% by physical activity? You must exercise half an hour everyday. This will not only keep you healthy, but also lift up your mood and make you feel energetic.

 8. Sleep For 8 Hours A Day

No matter how tight your schedule is, you need to make a conscious effort to sleep on a time and get up on time. Science says that a human body needs minimum 8 hours of sleep to help it function efficiently. Also, with a definite sleeping scheduling, you wouldn’t feel grumpy in the morning. Go try it!

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