8 Small Changes That Will Change Your Life Forever

Contrary to popular belief, switching to a fit lifestyle is way easier than you think it is. It doesn’t necessarily involve hitting the gym every two hours, drinking nothing but water from a very specific region of the Himalayas or worse, having to refrain yourself from that one snack you love.

Rather, it comes down to the small things.

Here are 8 small changes that you can incorporate in your everyday life without having to compromise on much.

1.Lime Water. Each Day, Everyday

This is as easy as it gets. A slice of lime in the bottle of water you take to work every day will have incremental effects on your body. Lime water is known to rejuvenate skin, improve digestion, reduce weight, prevent heart disease and much more.

2. Reduce Sugar Intake 

Consuming sugar every day is inevitable. However, what’s manageable is the amount you intake every day. Sugar essentially contains zero nutrients and a whole lot of calories. All-in-all, it’s a terrible trade. So now you know what the answer to ‘chai mein cheeni daalun?’ should be.

3.Take The Damn Sairs 

At a certain point of time in history, someone somewhere came up with the idea of something so magical that not only could it carry beings to the floor above, but the very same attraction was also capable of carrying life to the floors below. In the contemporary world, we call this enthrallment a staircase. Taking the stairs proves to be a faster way of moving through floors all while relieving stress, burning calories, building muscles and combatting a sedentary lifestyle.

4. Your Blood Group Matters 

Knowing your blood group helps curate a diet which is specific to you. A lot of people do not know that many foods which are consumed on a daily basis do not suit certain blood groups. Learn about your blood group before it’s late.

5. Outdoor Activity. Atleast Once A Week

We’ve all heard our P.E. teacher preach the importance of physical activities as a child. And as we grew up, we realized it was all for good reason! Hence it is extremely imperative to incorporate a certain sport or any other outdoor activity into our lives.

6. Quick Workouts 5 Days A Week

Hitting the gym isn’t the only way to workout. Head over to Activ8Me TV on YouTube to find more of quick and easy exercises you can do practically anywhere – at the office, house or even during an occasion as a cool party trick.

7. Calories: Keep Count 

Measuring calories that are going in as well as the calories that you burn helps keep everything in check. As a matter of fact, you begin to be more conscious about the food you eat; especially if you measure the calories in food in terms of minutes spent in the gym.

8. Citrus Is Your Best Friend 

I cannot emphasize enough on how good citrus is for you. Citrus fruits have the advantage of containing several different antioxidants that may help prevent a range of health concerns, from cardiovascular disease and cancer to skin damage from sunlight. Remember to have at least one citrus fruit a day.


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