6 Rookie Mistakes We Make When Trying To Be Healthy

You think you know everything about being healthy, but not until you read this article. Channeling the fact that way too many people are living in misconceptions and false truths related to diet, we’re here to educate you for your own good. Activ8Me is here to complete the half-truths and break your bubble, only for a healthier you.

1. Diet Sodas & Drinks Are A ‘Healthy’ Alternative

When on diet, do you choose to drink ‘diet’ drinks instead of the usual ones, thinking it would be healthier. But, hang on, Instead they actually make you crave for more. Also the ingredient that they use as an artificial sweetener, makes the consumer more prone to early onset of diabetes.

2. Healthy Food is Not Delicious

No, you don’t have to eat food that make you squirm to keep that flab away. You just have to eat right things, the right way and at the right time. For eg, if you want to eat a pizza, prefer to eat a pizza with a cauliflower base, for it is the healthier yet delicious version of your favourite food.

3. Almonds Have Fat

We know, we know how your mommy used to run after you to make you eat almonds. And now that you make your own decision, you’ve decided to keep them at bay as it makes you ‘fat’. But hey, almonds are omega rich and has only good fats which are good and essential for your body. So pick up those almonds, for mommy is never wrong!

4. Yogurt Makes You Fat

On the contrary, did you know yogurt can help you drop pounds? It acts as a great snack for weight loss as it has a great protein and probiotic content that aids in effective digestion. But here’s the game changer, not all yogurt makes you fat. You must opt for greek yogurts which are the healthy version of it. Eat it anytime, anywhere and it renders your tummy satisfied.

5. Carbohydrates Are Bad For You

When trying to shed a few kilos, you often tend to ignore Carbohydrates as you are blinded by the fact that they make you fat. But the reality is that carbs are vital for a healthy diet and provides energy to your body. However, it’s advisable to derive your carb intakes from minimally processed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products.

6. Eat Less, Lose More

This is one of the most common myths, but all the dieticians and fitness trainers recommend you to eat if you want to drop those extra pounds. According to science, you should eat every 2 hours, as it keeps you satiated and increases your metabolism which is responsible for cutting down your body weight! Small and frequent portions, always.

Now that you have a new take on ‘health’, your true health journey begins now!

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