9 Easy & Yummy Snacks For Guilt-Free Indulgence This Festive Season

Mesmerising decorations. Glittering diyas. Late night tash parties. Scrumptious sweets.

Yes, we’re talking about the most mesmerising and jolly time of the year i.e. Diwali. It is not a mere 5 day festival, but a month long jamboree. Isn’t it? It’s also the time when you tend to throw your fitness goals out of the window and indulge mindlessly. Let’s be honest here – this month long feast renders you guilty for the next 3 months. We see you nodding in agreement.

But fret not, we’re here to help you choose healthier options this Diwali, so you can happily binge yet comfortably ignore naughty nibbles lurking everywhere.



1. Choose Flavoured Makhanas & Popcorns

Popcorn is a healthy whole grain food that is extremely low in calories, provided that you’re choosing the unflavoured one. On the other hand, Makhana is one of the purest source of proteins and is also low in calories. They come in flavours like oudina, jaggery, herb and chilli, wasabi and others. And guess what, they’re all healthy.




2. Feast On Chip N Dip

As much as it can be yummy, it can be healthy too. All you have to do is choose healthy chips and make or buy a yogurt dip for yourselves. Healthy chips entails a myriad of protein chips, quinoa puffs, kale crisps, baked pita chips, vegetable chips. Pick a plain yogurt or a flavoured yogurt which you and dip your chip to nomnom your way to the festive season.




3. Whip Up A Mocktail

When you’re surrounded by a bunch of people who are shamelessly drinking, you can go for a mocktail that is made up with cold pressed juices. So this way, there’s no alcohol and no added sugar from the juices.





4. Choose Healthy Chakhnas

You certainly need some chakhnas to munch on. How about ditching the fried peanuts and the oily options you otherwise choose? Instead, go for roasted soyabean mix, jalapeno peanuts, roasted peanuts amongst others.





5. Roasted & Flavoured Dry Fruits

Winter has definitely come, for the season of dry fruits is back. You might be thinking that this is a mere gifting option and not a munching option. But there are a few roasted, salted and flavoured dry fruits available that are absolutely healthy to gorge on.




6. Dark Chocolate Bars & Balls 

If festivals had a synonym, it would be sweets. But you always have a choice to opt for healthier chocolate bars i.e. dark chocolate. These not only have lesser sugar, but also have more antioxidants and minerals to help you keep your metabolism up.





7. Cottage Cheese & Olive Skewers

How about an easy DIY snack that will keep you satiated for long? Paneer and olive skewers are super easy to make. All you have to do is sprinkle some salt and pepper on paneer cubes and olives, and then put one of each on a skewer.





8. Replace Sauce With Salsa

If you feel like pigging out on unhealthy chips this festive season, then remember to make a mini change i.e. replace sauce with salsa or hummus or guacamole. These dips have lesser calories than the basic sauce and are even tastier.  





9. Flourless & Sugarless Cakes & Cookies

For when you want to indulge in sweetness, horse flourless and sugarless cakes or even gluten-free almond cookies. These are absolutely drool worthy but lets you indulge guilt free. We recommend you try Rosarté’s Madagascar chocolate and gluten free cake for the Diwali binge.

So this Diwali, choose healthy options and prove that celebrations don’t come with calories, choices do.

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