10 Healthy Snacks and Beverages You Can Munch On While Watching The World Cup Match


 Now that India has been qualified for the Semi Finals, everyone is planning to watch the knock out rounds with their cricket buddies and families. This means most of us would sit through the entire duration of a match, perhaps, with a big bowl of munchies – be it in the stadium or in front of our TV screens.

 All of this is great, but how does one plan to fulfil this fantasy without comprising with their heath goals? Below, we list some healthful snacks to help you make healthier food choices and keep yourself fueled for those cheers.


Healthy snacks and beverages ideas for cricket fans while supporting the Indian team


1. Makhana

Makhana makes it better. Don’t let the size of Makhana ‘Phool’ you! This power packed foxnut is high on protein, fiber, potassium, calcium & super low on calories & sodium. Great for mid-day snacking or midnight binge-ing – this healthy super food is ideal for weight loss, SO YOU CAN KEEP SNACKING LIKE A BOSS!


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2. Protein Chips

A healthy substitute of the standard oily,deep fried chips , the protein chips come with the goodness of complete protein and wholesome grains which help to improve digestive health. The combination of these nourishing grains, such as jowar,ragi,quinoa,oats etc, make for a great alternative to refined white carbs.


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3. Protein Bars

Stay ahead of the curve with Protein bars. Protein-rich bars are not only completely healthy but also packs a fruity punch to tantalize your taste buds. Most protein bars are made with a blend of whey and soy protein to keep you energised. For the yoga enthusiasts out there, these bars can energize you before every workout.


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4. Nuts

Packed with protein, fibre and essential fats, nuts are one of this season’s best buys. A golf ball-sized portion (about 30g) of unsalted nuts makes a vitality-boosting snack and, unlike most other options, contributes a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals.


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5. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is one of those win/win foods that provides an easy and delicious way to add more protein & essential nutrients to your diet and can be munch on while watching the cricket match. With twice the protein of regular yogurt, it tastes great, while helping you feel full longer.


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6. Cookies And Brownies

You know it, we know it: Nobody should be denied their right to a good cookie or a brownie —even if you’ve cut gluten and all its flour-powered uses from your diet. Sugarfree, nutty cookies or soft brownies can be a healthy substitute to fulfil that desert cravings.


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7. Iced Tea

Iced tea is more than just a drink – for many, it’s an art form. The first ice tea was introduced to the masses on a hot day at the World’s Fair quite by accident. Nothing quenches your thirst quite like a tall glass of iced tea during the summer heat.


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8. Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold coffee has long been associated with huge coffee chains, vats of whipped cream, sweet artificial syrups and other such miseries. This summer, however, try cold-brew coffee – a very different, far more refined creature that will make you realise the magic of cold coffee, just in time for a hot Indian summer.


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9. Vitamin Drinks

A smart hydration alternative while watching the breathtaking match, which tastes good as well as provides a healthier option forus. Loaded with vitamins, these drinks are very low in sugar content and won’t borrow much of your daily caloric intake.


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10. Yogurt Smoothies

We’re in the midst of a smoothie revolution — the blended drinks have become one of the most popular ways to get nutrients on the fly. Yogurt Smoothie, loaded with protein and real fruits, full of the same energy and nutrition as fresh yogurt. A non-messy, on-the-go drink that’ll keep you refreshed.


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Enjoy this cricket season and the feeling of togetherness with healthy snacks. Miss not a chance to create memories yet again – for when the years pass and you look back, each one of these memories will serve smiles and a heart full of happiness.

Happy Watching!

Zaid Zafar


This Is How You Get Back To Fitness After Cheat Days

So you make a fitness goal, chart out a schedule for workouts, get the perfect diet plan from your dietician and for a week or so, you follow it religiously. Then you have to head toa  party or work late night and slowly and steadily, you’re off the wagon. But that’s okay, you neither have to give up on your long-term goal nor do you have to beat yourself up for deviating. Instead, do the following.

1. Ditch Short-term Resolutions

Most of the fitness goals slump because they are meant to serve a short-term purpose. You want to fit perfectly in hat dress, your sister’s getting married so you want to look your best at her marriage are some of the short-term goals that backs our fitness goal. So, we follow the diet plan, make this monumental target in our heads and overestimate our ability to achieve it in a stipulated time. And in the end, only disappoint ourselves. To avoid this, we should put more efforts in building habits, which will stick longer with you.

2. Feed on Motivation

No matter how driven you are towards your goal, it’s only human nature to feel demotivated every now and then. It all starts with one trip to the mall where you see your friends hogging your beloved pizza and then you succumb to it. You think it’s one cheat day but in no time you’ll discover that you’re back to square one. But it’s okay to cheat sometimes, but when you do, know that you need to feed on some motivation, remember why you started and get back on the track.

3. Surround Yourself  With People Who Understand You

Share your goals and needs with people you care about. Tell them how much your goal means to you and they’ll act as the perfect reminder when you’re getting off the track. Along with this, when you confide in someone and people are aware of your goal, then your chances of achieving them is easily manifolded, for you know in the back of your head that you’re accountable to someone.

4. Incorporate Regular Awards

There’s no denying that big goals take a lot of time to be achieved. However, in the midst of big goals, don’t forget to celebrate the small accomplishments. We’re humans and undeniably, we need a little push here and there. These teeny tiny gifts give us the much needed push and makes us realise the worth of the bigger picture.

5. Revise Your Goals

We all know that change is the only constant. As you evolve, so should your goals. Your initial aim may be to shed off 10kgs so you can wear that dress you love but once you’ve achieved that, you may give up fitness as a whole, only to gain the weight that you’ve lost. So, it’s always advisable that you revisit your goals often and ensure that they’re big enough to keep you motivated.

All images from Unsplash

How To Develop A Habit & Maintain It

Habits are the basis of your success – or maybe your downfall. Yet despite the importance of habits, few people know much about how they work. Habit is something we do regularly, in order to achieve long-term goals. So, whether your goal is to shed those extra kilos or you simply want to tone u those muscles, all you need to develop a habit and maintain it. Read on, for we’ve charted out the blueprint to develop a habit and how to bore the best out of it. 

1. Make A Decision

First and foremost, you need to think through your emotions and arrive at a decision based on what you want to achieve and most importantly, why. Whether you want to lose a few pounds to simply fit perfectly in that red dress or you want to learn the art of Yoga, just to attain a calmer and a happier you. All you need to do is, introspect and unearth your underlying necessity.

2. Restructure Your Environment

Once you’ve made a decision and justified it yourself with a strong enough reason, then you need to restructure your environment. It doesn’t matter how strong your willpower is, there is always enough room for you to lose your drive. So, it’s always advisable that you let go of all the temptations in your surroundings, so it’s easier for you to take continuous action on your decision.

3. Take A 30 Day Challenge

You may act upon your decision for one day or even one week, but if you really dearly want to make your decision a habit, them you need to practice it consecutively for at least a month. Always remember, “Consistency is the only way to make a habit stick”.


4. Create An Affirmation

There will be days when you’ll feel like giving up, when you won’t feel strong enough to wake up and work on your decision. To ace days like these, you need to make strong self affirmations like, “
I get up and get going immediately at 6:00 AM each morning!”. Repeat these words before sleeping and on most days, you’ll wake up even before 6:00 AM.

5. Reward Yourself

Each and every time you reward yourself, you appreciate yourself, which in turn, empowers you to reinforce the action. Soon you begin to associate, at an unconscious level, the pleasure of the reward with the behavior.


10 Inspiring Quotes For The Days When You Need Gym Motivation

We’re all professional procrastinators when it comes to the Gymming. Getting a membership at a fancy Gym isn’t a task, but the whole act of heading there, everyday and grinding night and day is extremely tiresome. Or so you think. It all depends on how you look at it. So for days when you can’t look at it in a positive way, scroll down and take your ass to the Gym!

1. Fitness is like a relationship, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.

2. Making excuses burns zero calories per hour.

3. The resistance you fight in the gym and the resistance you fight in life, can only build a strong character.

4. Going to the gym is great for your body, but it’s also great for your mind.

5. On good days, workout. On bad days, workout even harder.

6. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Go to the Gym.

7. Suffer the pain of disciple or suffer the pain of regret.


8. The difference between try and triumph is a little “umph”.

9. Let exercise be your stress reliever. Not food.

10. “The difference between what’s possible and what isn’t, lies in a person’s determination”- Tommy Lasorda