How To Develop A Habit & Maintain It

Habits are the basis of your success – or maybe your downfall. Yet despite the importance of habits, few people know much about how they work. Habit is something we do regularly, in order to achieve long-term goals. So, whether your goal is to shed those extra kilos or you simply want to tone u those muscles, all you need to develop a habit and maintain it. Read on, for we’ve charted out the blueprint to develop a habit and how to bore the best out of it. 

1. Make A Decision

First and foremost, you need to think through your emotions and arrive at a decision based on what you want to achieve and most importantly, why. Whether you want to lose a few pounds to simply fit perfectly in that red dress or you want to learn the art of Yoga, just to attain a calmer and a happier you. All you need to do is, introspect and unearth your underlying necessity.

2. Restructure Your Environment

Once you’ve made a decision and justified it yourself with a strong enough reason, then you need to restructure your environment. It doesn’t matter how strong your willpower is, there is always enough room for you to lose your drive. So, it’s always advisable that you let go of all the temptations in your surroundings, so it’s easier for you to take continuous action on your decision.

3. Take A 30 Day Challenge

You may act upon your decision for one day or even one week, but if you really dearly want to make your decision a habit, them you need to practice it consecutively for at least a month. Always remember, “Consistency is the only way to make a habit stick”.


4. Create An Affirmation

There will be days when you’ll feel like giving up, when you won’t feel strong enough to wake up and work on your decision. To ace days like these, you need to make strong self affirmations like, “
I get up and get going immediately at 6:00 AM each morning!”. Repeat these words before sleeping and on most days, you’ll wake up even before 6:00 AM.

5. Reward Yourself

Each and every time you reward yourself, you appreciate yourself, which in turn, empowers you to reinforce the action. Soon you begin to associate, at an unconscious level, the pleasure of the reward with the behavior.